Golden shears

The Maremma is the realm of the majestic Maremma cows, it’s proud cowboys called “butteri” and flocks of sheep in search of forage. It’s the land of sheep farmers that originate from Sardinia, Abruzzo and Marche. 
Here is the encounter between two civilizations separated by seas: the Italian shepherds and New Zealand sheep shearers. This phenomenon is the consequence of a transformation of the rural life in Italy. The numerous families of shepherds have vanished and also the period of sheep shearing, which in the past was celebratory between families, has become problematic. Nowadays, the traditional methods of labour are outdated, there is a new demand for skilled and fast labourers. They admire New Zealand, a land to win one of the most prestigious awards, the “Golden Shears”. These men, diverse in their own ways, the first the Pakeha (from European origin), the others, Maori; original from Polynesia. These professionals, who come from a nation where the number of sheep are grater than the number of people, are able to transform the sheep shearing into art, a technique that can be learned in vocational schools. The Italian “Carosino” can not compete with the “Kiwis”, firstly because they are extremely fast, and secondly because the sheep are used to be groomed. 
With this reportage I show the life and the work of New Zealand shearers from the early hours of down until sunset.