Danubius is a photographic journey to search European identity after enlargement to the east.
Is a trip through the 2.778 kilometers of the river, from the source to the Delta, passing through its cities such as Ulm, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Vukovar, Belgrade, Tulcea, its smaller villages, great plains, wide landscapes, various people, customs and languages.
The author took an inner and dreamlike road, lyric but also documentary where the river symbolizes both mystical-philosophical and  historical-cultural aspects: national, political and social border but also holds psychological, cultural and religious significance.
The flow of the river is a metaphor of the challenge of our lifetime  in Europe: the union, the need to go in the same direction despite the old borders that fragment it.
With Danubius the photographer continues the European cultural debate on the identity of the continent against the enlargement to the East and the search for a trait d’union involoving the entire Danube Basin from Western to Central Europe.
Although the river is the interrogative figure par excellence, the author doesn’t choose to adopt a purely descriptive and documentary approach. Bulgarelli often leaves room for emotions, focusing on moods, trying to trace different identities in a psychological and timeless dimension.
In fact, he says “Every time I came on the river my  gaze was always more intimate and personal. At times I was propelled into an inner and dreamlike journey, so much so that I have increasingly moved away from the historical, literary and mythological aspects to make room for  the emotions of the moment".

The project is divided into four parts that correspond to the main linguistic groups present in the Danube area, symbolizing  the  various cultures that it embodies.
In a cyclical pattern, the differences and similarities that have emerged are the recurring themes of the various sections. A metaphor of life cycles that the water of the river symbolize.

Technical information: The images were made with slides medium format (Mamiya 6/7 II).